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I am an expert in providing workshops, couples retreats, emotional healing and wellbeing programs..and more.  I have also spoken to large and small community groups, faith communities, and professional conferences.

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Affairs often end marriages and other love relationships.   Do you know that you can heal your ability to trust and fall back in love with your spouse/partner?   -    Dr. Rita DeMaria

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After all the years of research and practice, my goal is to help couples love each other better!

As a therapist, educator, professor, and author, I have been helping people with relationship problems for many decades.  I am dedicated to providing important and necessary relationship advice through difficult journeys of loving for life. The primary focus of my clinical practice is working with couples at the “brink of divorce”. Often these complicated relationships involve sexual issues, anger management problems, addictions, and unsatisfying personal and intimate lives.  As The Marriage Doctor ™, I have published and contributed to both relationship books, notably The 7 Stages of Marriage (Reader’s Digest, 2007), as well as professional books, articles, and other publications.  I am known for my commitment to helping people develop loving and compassionate relationships with their partners and children. I also have presented hundreds of workshops and programs in collaboration with community groups, and at local and national conferences on subjects such as sexual trauma, family violence, family genograms, and relationship enhancement. My approach to counseling is proactive and client-centered. I offer a comprehensive, integrative approach in my work with individuals, couples and families.

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Dr. Rita and Sari Harrar worked with Readers' Digest to present The 7 Stages of Marriage, a best selling book for RD in their Health and Wellness section.

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Attachment bonds are crucial for children and adults.  There is so much information available to help you find a way to enhance your love and affection for the important people in their lives.  Let me know if you want to find out more about my approach.  For the last 10 years I have been developing a new method to strengthen attachment bonds for individuals, couples, families and, yes, even communities.   

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Distressed Couples and Marriage Education, April 2005. Family Relations

Yes, a relationship education program does work for couples at the brink of breakup! Over 200 reads.   Dr. Rita has helped many hundreds of couples with extensive experience leading couples programs! She taught at Smart Marriages conferences for 15 years and led Couples Programs for decades.


Comprehensive Knowledge About Couples & Sex

I am a AASECT Certified Sex Therapist and a member of the Society for Sex Therapy and Research.  My presentations include Love, Sex, Romance, Infidelity...and more.... 

My program topics include - The Marriage of Love and Sex;  Single, Dating and Reconnecting ~ If You Don't Know Who You are Looking for......; Rekindling the Spark; Creating a Passionate Partnership...and more

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A Media Example: New Perspectives on Silver Couples~The other side of gray

A growing number of people are divorcing as they near retirement age. In the last 20 years, the divorce rate has more than doubled for men and women ages 50 and older. It's a trend with taxing ripple effects that can be felt emotionally, socially, financially, and in other ways. Dr. Dan Gottlieb and his guests Dr. Rita DeMaria and Dr. Scott Haltzman discuss "Silver Splitters"– older adults who may face divorce. Dr. Rita has helped many couples reconcile no matter what stage of relationship they may be in at that time. With decades of experience with individuals and couples of all ages, Dr. Rita guides them with the knowledge, expertise and compassion. Listen to WHYY Voices in the Family:

Dr. Rita DeMaria - In Depth

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Rita DeMaria, PhD., LMFT, CST is an experienced educator, author and therapist (specializing in couple, individual, relationship and sex therapy) practicing for more than 35 years. She is a dynamic faculty member and clinical supervisor at Council for Relationships (CFR),  Philadelphia, PA.  She developed therapeutic protocols using Prepare-Enrich and developed the Relationship CheckUp program at CFR.  She also provided PAIRS Programs & Training to professional staff.  She teaches the Intersystem Approach (IA) in the post-graduate MFT Program.  

Dr. DeMaria is also an Adjunct Assistant Professor in the Couple and Family Therapy Program at Thomas Jefferson University, a combined program with CFR.  She has presented at numerous professional conferences. She is currently the Director of Healthy Relationships and Wellness Programs at Council for Relationships. In addition, Dr. DeMaria has conducted  research projects dealing with marriage/relationship education and fatherhood programming. She has also received prominent awards  for professional excellence and community service. She is a recipient of the Athena Award for community involvement.

      Dr. DeMaria is a Clinical Fellow and Approved Supervisor of the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapy (AAMFT), a certified sex therapist of the American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors & Therapists (AASECT), and a clinical member of the Society for Sex Therapy & Research (SSTAR).   Dr. DeMaria is currently on the Editorial Board of the Journal of Couple and Relationship Therapy and numerous texts , most recently, a second edition of Focused genograms: Intergenerational assessment of individuals, couples and families(co-authored with Weeks, Twist). The Focused Genogram Workbook:  An Attachment Focused Approach to Assessment and Treatment is under contract with Routledge. 


      Dr. DeMaria has appeared as a relationship and marriage expert on NBC’s Today Show, CBS News, the Hallmark Channel, Comcast’s Newsmakers and It’s Your Call, and CN8’s Your Morning news show. She has been frequently quoted on relationship topics, from the marriage movement to teenagers' self-esteem to infidelity, in such publications as Reader’s Digest, Philadelphia Magazine, Redbook, The Chicago Tribune, The Philadelphia Inquirer and She is a trainer for the PREPARE-ENRICH Inventory, a  researched and scientifically validated, state of the art, on-line assessment tool.  She has trained clergy, counselors, and marriage/relationship therapists to facilitate these inventories to individuals of all relationships and faiths.

  Dr. DeMaria is author and co-author of several books and curricula on the discussion of relationship issues. She is currently a faculty member of the Post-Graduate Certificate Program in Couple and Family Therapy at Council for Relationships and is an adjunct Assistant Professor at the Jefferson University, School of Allied Health, Couple and Family Therapy program. For more information on Membership, Affiliations, Awards, contact Rita DeMaria for her full Curriculum Vita



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