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  It's Your Call With Lynn Doyle
On this episode, Lynn Doyle talks to experts, including Dr. Rita DeMaria about late life divorces and why some couples choose this route while others remain in an often loveless, unfulfilling marriage. They discuss what drove the Gores to make such a decision after 40 years and the experts share personal stories and expert advice on the pros and cons of divorce at any time in your life.

Rita DeMaria, PhD with Today Show Host Matt LauerToday Show Logo The State of Marriage Today
NBC's Today show host Matt Lauer talks with Dr. Rita DeMaria about the divorce rate and the problems married couples face. 

  What Does It Take to Make a Marriage Work?
CBS 3's Pat Ciarrochi speaks to Philadelphia marriage expert, Dr. Rita DeMaria about what is critical to making a marriage work. 

The Secret to a Healthy Marriage & The #1 Cause of Divorce
The Hallmark Channel's host of the New Morning Show, Timberly Whitfield, speaks with Dr. Rita DeMaria about the secrets to a lasting marriage and the number one reason couples divorce.

  Secrets of Love
CBS 3 reporter interviews couples married over 50 years who share the secrets that have kept them together through the years. 

Reader's Digest Interview: The 7 Stages of Marriage

Whether you're experiencing wedded bliss or miserable matrimony, you're in one of "The 7 Stages of Marriage". Author Dr. Rita DeMaria explains. 

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