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Focused Genograms in Clinical Practice
Half-day, full day and two day training programs

Genograms are a popular and universally applied technique for assessment with individuals, couples or families. Family therapy theory and practice, in particular Bowen Systems Theory, have popularized genograms. Over the last three decades, genograms have been used to help understand the dynamics of couple and family systems and the forces that help create intrapsychic dynamics. However, despite the popularity of genograms, the genogram has received little attention in the way of theoretical and clinical development, refinement, and application. This workshop will introduce the concept of the Multilayered Focused Genograms (Multifocused Genograms, for short). Grounding in attachment theory, this model presents a clinically useful, practical but comprehensive method for systemically collecting information in key areas of individual and family functioning.

This workshop will take practitioners beyond the boundaries of the traditional genogram to the Multifocused Family Genogram (MFG) - a comprehensive approach that integrates intrapsychic, interpersonal, and intergenerational themes. The pragmatics of using focused genograms with disenfranchised couples and couples in alternative lifestyles will be discussed. In a structured but flexible way, the MFG organizes clinical data in a manner that is very useful to both beginning and experienced level clinicians, regardless of their theoretical orientations.

Typical One Day Focused Genogram Workshop

  9:00 Introduction to Basic Genograms
10:00 Maps and Time Lines
11:00 Focused Genograms: Attachment
12:00 Lunch Break
:00 Gender, Sex, and Romantic Love
  3:00 Culture
Putting it all together

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