Loving Relationships Curriculum
Curriculum Developer: Rita DeMaria, Ph.D. and Veronica Haggerty, MA
Year Developed: 2008
Contact Person: Rita DeMaria, Ph.D.
Phone: 215-628-2450
Email: DrRitaDeMaria@aol.com

Brief Description of Curriculum
Eight lessons 1 ˝ to 2 hours in length.  Each lesson has one to three exercises and or handouts for participants to do individually, as a couple or in small groups.  All lessons provide for group discussions and has detailed Leader Guide instructions.  

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The Loving Relationships program includes a binder of eight lessons and exercise handouts, instructions and participant worksheets that can be used for individual study or group discussion

Target Population:
  Engaged Couples
  Expectant Couples
  Newlywed Couples
  Married Couples
  Cohabiting Couples
  Unmarried Parents
  Distressed Couples
  Empty Nesters

  African American
  Other:  Permission to Translate

Curriculum Content:  Secular

Languages Available:  English with Permission to Translate

Prescribed Format: 
  Weekly Session
  Bi-weekly Session
  Weekend / Retreat
  Relationship Inventory included
  One-day Event
  Other:  Choose Lessons to be taught
  No Prescribed Format
  Self-paced Modules

Length of Program:  16 Hours  

Training / Certificate Requirement:
Teach Out Of the Box
Other:  BA / BS degree


Order Your Loving Relationships Curriculum Binder Today


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