The 7 Stages of Marriage
A Marriage Education Resource Guide
Teach Out of the Box Kit (TOOB)
2nd Edition, June 2008

The Marriage Education Resource Guide has been designed to provide you with the information you need to present a stand alone workshop. The basic workshop format is for 1 ˝ - 2 hours. Extensions of the basic workshop are easy to add on by providing couples with additional exercises for their stages. An extended workshop could include up to 4 sessions. The 7 Stages Workshop can also be adapted for couples’ retreats. 

Each workshop will be unique because of the couples who attend. You may have couples in the early stages or middle stages or later stages. Each Workshop Leader can adapt the format to meet his/her/their needs. Program support will be provided for you on an as needed basis, at your request.

Teaching marriage education programs must come from your heart. As a leader you will learn through your ability to present the information and your willingness to share your own journey. When you complete a 7 Stages Workshop we request that you send in your summary of your experience so that the program can be improved based on real experiences by workshop leaders.

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The 7 Stages of Marriage Couple’s Workbook

The 7 Stages of Marriage Couple’s Workbook has been designed to allow couples to explore what stage of marriage they are in, and then use the appropriate exercises to negotiate and enhance that stage.

Marriage is a journey no matter when you begin. Every marriage has its bumps, and they can pop up at any time. It is important to learn to navigate them smoothly, before they send your relationship into a tail spin.

By understanding what stage a marriage is in, most people can take the right steps to make their marriage as happy, close, and fulfilling as they wish.

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