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Educational programs provide the knowledge and skills everyone needs to create a loving relationship, private counseling and coaching with Dr. DeMaria provides an opportunity to explore personal issues, feelings, and desires in a safe environment. Private counseling is often essential when relationship problems are chronic. Many couples struggle with sexual desire differences, anger, substance abuse, power struggles, infidelity, and influences from earlier life experience. 

Private counseling can begin with individual or couple sessions, depending on the needs of the client. Sometimes one person taking a first step toward improving the relationship can be a great help. Assessment of the current relationship problems generally takes between one to three meetings of about one hour. Longer sessions can be scheduled to accommodate those who might be traveling some distance. The initial consultations can be quite helpful in providing direction and guidance.

Most couples participate in counseling on a biweekly basis after the initial assessment of 3 - 4 sessions is completed. Goals for ongoing counseling are established jointly. The counseling experience is intended to be proactive and focused on identifying and resolving the problems that interfere in developing and maintaining intimacy and satisfaction. 

Counseling sessions are available to individuals and couples at all stages of relationships in Spring House or in Wynnewood between the hours of 8:30 am and 6:30 pm Monday through Thursday. Each session is approximately one hour in length although extended consultations are also available. Individual and couple therapy is often covered by out-of-network insurance.

Dr. DeMaria also has some self-help materials available on the Helpful Links page, including a link to the Reader's Digest website, publisher of her 7 Stages of Marriage book, where couples can take a quiz to determine the stage of marriage they are in and learn how best to approach their particular issues.

In addition to traditional therapy sessions, Dr. DeMaria offers an Intensive Consultation Program which includes an online inventory and an in-depth evaluation of the responses during a 3-4 hour meeting with the couple.

If Dr. DeMaria's schedule or location is inconvenient, please visit Council for Relationships to find a therapist and location that will meet your needs.  

Emergency services are not provided. Contact your health care provider, go to a local hospital emergency room, or call 911.


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