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Council for Relationships offers the best of nationally recognized relationship education programs available and has the most comprehensive program available anywhere in the country. These programs have proven success based on research and evaluation. 

Our programs, ranging from 2 hours to 120 hours in length, provide basic, intermediate and advanced skills for individuals and couples who want to strengthen, preserve and deepen their relationships. Privacy and a safe learning environment is a top priority in all of our programs. 

Our Previews are a free, no pressure opportunity to learn more!  While we have a wide range of programs at our various offices, our experienced workshop leaders are also available to lead programs at other locations throughout Philadelphia as part of our commitment to outreach and community services. 

What Will I Learn During the Free Preview?

  • Introduction to Relationship Education, Personal Empowerment, 
    and Sex Education and Enrichment Programs 
  • Are these programs for me? 
  • Solving the puzzle of emotions, self-esteem and Relationships 
  • Questions, Discussion 

For more information contact Rita DeMaria, PhD, Relationship Education Director, Council for Relationships at 215-628-2450 or click here to send her an email.


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