Radio & Audio Presentations

WHYY Voices in the Family - Parenting: It's Joys and Blues
Dr. Rita DeMaria is interviewed by Dr. Dan Gottlieb about the effects of parenthood on happiness. - August 2, 2010

Internet Radio Show: "Laughter, Intimacy and Passion in Marriage"
Dr. Rita DeMaria is interviewed by Dr. Pat Covalt on her live internet radio show, “The Power of Being Tuned-In” (Relationship Success Through EQ).

WHYY Radio Times Interview: "What Makes for a Good Marriage?"
Dr. Rita DeMaria spends the hour with host Marty Moss-Coane discussing what makes a good marriage.

Radio Interview: "You Deserve A Great Relationship, A Great Marriage"
Host Vanecia Wills-Leufroy interviewed "AOL Love & Relationship Expert Dr. Rita DeMaria" for her radio segment, "A Woman's Spirit".

Radio Interview: "The 7 Stages of Marriage"
"Marriage isn't broken, it is healthy and alive." Dr. Rita DeMaria discusses the seven stages of marriage with talk radio host, Dr. Alvin Jones.  

Reader's Digest Podcasts: The 7 Stages of Marriage

Listen to web-based audio broadcasts with marriage expert, Dr. Rita DeMaria, and Reader's Digest Editor-in-Chief.

  • Listen to Part One (5:44 minutes)
    "Dr. Rita DeMaria, an expert behind Reader's Digest's The 7 Stages of Marriage, discusses the important elements of marriage, offers a snapshot of the stages, and explains how to determine what stage your relationship is in." (5:44 minutes)
  • Listen to Part Two (5:24 minutes)
    "Love expert Dr. Rita DeMaria discusses the most important elements of marriage. Learn how to get through the tough times and strengthen your relationship."  


Audio Presentations for Professionals

"The 7 Stages of Marriage" Can Help You in Your Practice or 
Relationship Education Program

Rita DeMaria presents the 7 Stages of Marriage to a group of therapists.

The following audio workshops are available for purchase from

  • The 7 Stages of Marriage: Tools of the Trade
    2007 Annual Smart Marriages Conference
    Give couples a roadmap to help them understand the journey, anticipate the stages, and succeed at the mission with commitment and passion intact. Use with any marriage education program.

  • You've Got The Courses, Now What? 
    2006 Annual Smart Marriages Conference
    In spite of all the misery, it can be hard to get people to take marriage & family courses. Learn strategies that work in offering a range of courses in private practice, clinic or community settings.

  • $100 Million Readiness Package
    Get tooled-up to apply for marriage-strengthening grants! Advice from those successful at getting funded on: coalition building, grant writing, low-income programs, etc.

  • Saving Marriages in the Deep End of the Ocean
    2004 Annual Smart Marriages Conference
    Many think marriage education is just for "enrichment." Learn how we can help even the most severely distressed couples on the brink who face infidelity, abuse, despair, and divorce.

  • PAIRS for Life Partners (752-414)
    Learn how programs like PAIRS have been adapted to address the special issues of gay and lesbian couples and how to offer courses in ways that are most welcoming and helpful.

  • Research You Can Use (752-503)
    What are the implications of the latest research for marriage educators and therapists, the marriage movement, for couples? Join the discussion.

  • In The Community: Clinics, Courts and Classrooms (751-7)
    2001 CMFCE Annual Conference

    • Explore the myths and realities of teaching marriage and relationship education to couples who are categorized as highly distressed.

    • How Family Court can be one of the strongest players in the marriage & family strenthening movement.

    • Projections are that 90% of our kids will marry - and half will divorce, most in the first 7 years. Explore how we can help them become smarter about marriage - and achieve their most cherished dreams

  • Leading the Horses to Water (Promoting Marriage Education in the Community)
    (750-215) 2000 CMFCE Annual Conference


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