The Chemistry of Relationships: Emotions, the Brain and the Experience of Love
Research Brief - Rita DeMaria, Ph.D. - January 2012

Parenting: It's Joys and Blues - WHYY Voices in the Family 
Dr. Rita DeMaria is interviewed by Dr. Dan Gottlieb about the effects of parenthood on happiness. - August 2, 2010

More Sex
Dr. Rita DeMaria's presentation at the Smart Marriages is highlighted in 12 Happy Marriage Tips, written by Melanie Gorman and featured in The Huffington Post. - July 19, 2010

The Stages of Marriage -
Dr. Rita DeMaria contributed to an article about the different stages a couple experiences throughout their relationship. - July 16, 2010

Happily Ever After Requires Hard Work
"You meet the right person and fall in love, you marry and live happily ever after…Or do you?...
The problem is that Americans are trying to adhere to an old paradigm of marriage – handed down from their grandparents and great-grandparents – when the norm was “she looked after the kids and home; he went out and plowed the fields.” Our modern society is dramatically different."

Rita DeMaria, PhD, Feature Article from Council For Relationships' Relationship E-Newsletter - October 12, 2009

Sex, Relationships Can Get Better With Age
Dr. Rita DeMaria's discusses the Completion stage in an interview with a local ABC news reporter, as identified in her book, The 7 Stages of Marriage. - January 2009

He Cheated...Now What?
Interview with Rita DeMaria, PhD, written by Gabriela Garcia for - August 2008

The 7 Stages of Marriage
Rita DeMaria, PhD, CFR Connections Newsletter - June 2007

Three Ways to Affair-Proof Your Marriage
Rita DeMaria, Feature Article from Council For Relationships' Relationship E-Newsletter - April 18, 2005

Distressed Couples and Marriage Education
Rita DeMaria,
Family Relations: Volume 54 Issue 2 Page 242 - April 2005 

Strengthening and Promoting Healthy Marriages:
Investigation of Programs to Strengthen and Support Healthy Marriages.
Rita DeMaria, Project Consultant (2004), Urban Institute, Washington, D.C. with Jennifer Ehrle Macomber, Julie Murray, Matthew Stagner; Funded by U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

A Woman's View: Healthy Relationships
Rita DeMaria,
CBS 3 - KYW Television Segment - August 30, 2004

Conquering Marriage: Healthy Relationships Help Build a Stronger America
Rita DeMaria, Feature Article from - June 15, 2004

Move to Put ‘Happily’ Back into ‘Ever After’:
Bush Administration Seeks Funding Boost for Marriage Education
Rita DeMaria,
Feature Article from MSNBC.COM - April 1, 2004

What Your Parents Didn’t Teach You About Marriage: How the New Relationship Education Programs Can Help You Get a Great Start
Rita DeMaria,
Feature Article from Council For Relationships' Relationship E-Newsletter - November 3, 2003

Guidelines for Dating and Reconnecting For Singles and Men and Women in Transition
Rita DeMaria, PhD - April 2003

A Mission To Remedy Marriage - The Marriage Movement wants to combat divorce by teaching couples the skills to live happily.
Rita DeMaria, Feature Article from The Philadelphia Inquirer - August 6, 2000


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