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The 7 Stages of Marriage: Laughter, Intimacy and Passion
Today, Tomorrow, Forever

By: Sari Harrar and Rita DeMaria, PhD

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Nothing short of amazing, February 9, 2007 
By S. D. Haltzman (Rhode Island) 

This is an extraordinary book. The authors have done a fantastic job of synthesizing material from research and thought leaders in the marriage movement and put it into a readable, encouraging and hopeful textbook that is chock full of useful information and exercises for improving your marriage. 

In addition to descriptions of the 7 stages, the book either gives you ways to maintain the good (as in the first stage of passion) or getting through the not-so-good phase (as in the second stage when you wake up and realize that your marriage is not all magic all the time). You can't rush though this book though, since there's so much helpful information on each page. Nice stories, too, of couples who were interviewed for the project. 

I'd recommend this book to couples who are either getting married, are married, or are considering divorce. It should be read many times over. 

7 Stages a Joy to Read!, March 12, 2007 
By Kim (Lawrenceville, GA) 

This book is not rocket science, but does put the stages of marriage back into perspective. It was a joy to read ad share with my spouse! 

Readable, delightful, accurate, informative and much more, March 17, 2007 
By John Matlock "Gunny" (Winnemucca, NV) 

This is a very powerful book for anyone contemplating marriage or thinking about the marriage in which they find themselves. It is a forthright look at what marriage means, what is really going to happen the various stages in which marriages go through. To name just two, the wedded bliss of the first few months or hopefully years is wonderful. But it's quite different than the child rearing years are taking your (and her) time, money, emotions and more. 
Note that this is not a book for those who have already decided on a divorce. If one party to the marriage has already decided it is over, well it takes two to make a marriage, only one to break it apart. As the book says, it is not a relationship repair book, it's a book that will instead tell you about relationships and how they change over time. 

There's a neat quiz to tell you what stage your relationship is in. I've just got to mention the first question and one of it's four answers: 'If our relationship were an object, it would be a:' 
And answer d is: 'video game - push the button, a new battle starts.' 

Love this book., May 12, 2007 
By Laura Urbina "Laura Urbina" (Chicago, IL) 

Easy read, filled with lots of useful information. Will recommend to to any married couple. 

The Seven Stages of Marriage, February 5, 2007 
By Thomas Forst (Pa) 

The Seven Stages of Marriage is a book that could make a difference and should be shared. Shared with those: 
* Planning Marriage 
* Whose Marriage has Lost its Spark 
* Planning to Remarry 
* Facing an Empty Nest. 
And Grandparents who want their children to have strong marriages. 
I'm married over 27 years (Separated for 2) and the book has it all. And reference info to help anyone with any issue. I plan to buy copies for my kids, my brothers and sisters and staff.

I Finally Got an Answer to the 'Why', July 18, 2007

It was a pleasure meeting you during the Health Marriage Conference, Friday, July 13th. I purchased your book, "The 7 Stages of Marriage." It is a great investment. I've been married for 10 years and could not find out what our problem was. We've been to counseling several times and each time I left feeling like I was not heard nor understood. I had no idea that we are in the rebellion stage of marriage. That's why we are experiencing the power trips and we were searching to do things apart from each other. I finally got an answer to the "why" and will begin to apply what I am learning. I will continue reading the book and share it with other couples.

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